StarWars Corridor Breakdown

Making Of / 22 March 2020

Hi everyone, 

I'm going to make my first post to talk about the project that I started a few months ago. 

This is a StarWars fan art. I love the last Star Wars videogames, Jedi: Fallen Order. And I decided to make a corridor, trying to follow a pipeline that would allow me to optimize all resources inside Unreal. 

This was the mood that I wanted to get. 



To carry out this project I started by collecting a lot of references that would allow me to have a General Mood of what I wanted to achieve.

I also want to identify the modularity of the different pieces and decide what exactly I need to make.


I started creating a blocking to get the general measurements and the different modules that I need. I made a very simple modeling to see if it gave me a good feeling.


It's essential to keep the project as organized as possible. So I try to follow a folder system. I learned in one of the courses that Clinton Crumpler teaches how to organized all my folders and I try to follow in all my projects.

HighPoly Modeling

These are the modules that I made.

Modular Elements

Finally these are the modules that I have exported to the engine.

These panels allowed me to make multiple variations and by varying the U position can change the texture of each of the panels. Also inside the engine I can alternate the color.

Textures and Materials

I have decided to use two main textures that have a total of six different modules. I could have used trims without problem but in this case I decided to don't do it.

It was no necessary to use Base Color since the color varied directly from the material. 

I have made use of Normal Map and RMA texture to be able to give some roughness variation. To control the emission color I also have a alpha channel inside RMA and also vary the color of the wear of the modules.

This is my Master Material 


Now I'm working on the lighting. I'm trying to do general lighting first. After that I will create the cameras and try to make a short sequence.