Learning SpeedTree

General / 10 September 2020


It's been a long time since I've written anything. This week I decided to start learning SpeedTree on my way to improve as environment artist.  


SpeedTree is a great tool to create foliage. Recently I've been working in several projects making foliage and I wanted to see other ways to get the job done. 

My friend  Jesus Blasco  recommended this software. 

How does it work?

The software uses nodes to create the foliage. 

You can start making your own branches to bake it and uses like cluster. 

In this example of branch I started creating a main branch and adding some noise. 

Then I added another one a spread along the surface and use the same scatter to add leaves.

Seems easy but it's complicated because it has a huge amount of properties that we can tweak. 

When  we finish this cluster we can use it into our tree, creating custom LOD making the tree game ready.


Today I did a simple test. From now on I will start trying to recreate real vegetation. 

In order to learn well how to analyze different trees and how yo deal with them. 


Pd. The official Youtube Channel of SpeedTree has awesome tutorial to learn about it.